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During the stay at La Terra dei Sogni Hotel and Farmhouse you can visit Mr. Giuseppe Bonaccorso’ s nursery and greenhouses, admiring the cultivations of Bougainvillea Sanderiana (Bouganville), Callistemon, Hibiscus, Ficus Australis, Ficus Ginseng, Olive, Palm grove in general.

The passion for nursery was born in 1981, after having gained professional experiences in the north of Europe, north Africa and United States. The desire to start this new entrepreneurial activity, in my native land, prevailed among several jobs proposal by other foreign companies. In 1990-1999 my dream came true: I have started to cultivate Mediterranean plants with my wife, in my first 10000 sq.m. farm. Immediately the farm found its way not only in the local markets but, most of all, in the bigger markets of the European Community, where countries like Holland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Spain have represented the more significant ones, reaching the 90% of sales proceeds.Since 1990 up till now, the growth of the company has reached about 12 hectares of field, where prevails the cultivation of Bougainvillea Sanderiana, Callistemon, Ficus Australis, Olive, Gardenia and Palm grove in general.Nevertheless, the company is not involved only in nursery gardening (that is the main activity), but in one of my farms there is Terra dei Sogni Hotel and Farm House, dipped in the green of our nurseries and citrus grove, where you are all invited to stay and enjoy the deliciousnesses of our Sicilian food, to smell our Mediterranean plants, to enjoy the stillness that our place offer and to go for long walks along the greenhouse or, even, to visit the Romanesque style well (2 m. of diameter), one of the last well built in our Fiumefreddo di Sicilia plane about 100 years ago, source of inexhaustible irrigation for the nursery. I’d like to start a new experience with my guests, that is to hold, by request, courses of gardening and home horticulture.

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Ficus Australis


Ficus Ginseng


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